Type of residence card (or permit)

Paper version or electronic version: which one to choose?

When European Citizen stays in the country for a period of three months, the City Administration will suggest two types of residence cards: a paper version or an electronic version. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Paper VersionElectronic Card
Only for EU Citizens For all
A4 format document: Must therefore be folded to fit in a wallet or handbag Electronic plastic bank card
No cost 20.20 € (in Namur)
You must ask for an ISI+ card at the Mutuelle It also serves the purpose of a Mutuelle Card
Allows you to instantly update all your data (Mutelle, bank...)
Allows you to authenticate yourself in total safety in the frame of certain services on the internet (on-line tax declaration, requests for administrative documents, on-line purchase of train tickets, request for licence plates...)
Offers the same possibilities as the version for Belgians

In general terms, for stays that are longer than six months, the more advisable option is the electronic card. If your family is staying with you, this would also be a better option for them.

The paper version will be given to you directly if you have all the required documents. The electronic version will be at your disposal as soon as you receive the codes by post at your address. You will need to go and fetch it at the Town Hall.

Do not forget that, whatever your choice of format is, you need to have your residence permit with you at all times. This is also the case for your passport and your national identity card.

When you leave Belgian territory for a short time (vacation, participation at a conference, a stay linked with professional matters...) you must have your residence permit AND your identity card from your country of origin.

The reader of the electronic ID card or Digipass

This item allows you to authenticate yourself on the web thanks to your electronic card and the associated PIN code. You can purchase it in any Information Technology shop or in certain supermarkets.

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