Mutuelle (health care insurance)

Compulsory insurance for long stays.

Sometimes, your grant convention includes the coverage  of all your medical fees. In the contrary, you have to choose a health insurance or a complementary health insurance. There are some public mutual insurance organisations (Mutuelle) in Belgium.

By default, we can take you to Munalux: rue des Dames Blanches, 24 (☎ 081-25.07.60 –

Required documents for subscribing to health insurance:

  • Town Hall’s registration certificate;
  • identity  card or passport;
  • work or grant contract;
  • bank account  number.

In order to update their data concerning you, when you are in possession of your permit of residence, it is recommended to present it to your bank.

Membership fees are about 9 euros a month.

You will receive by post bill, documents and a sheet of identity tags called "vignettes".

The provided identity tags are required for reimbursement of medical fees. The amount will vary depending on the kind of exam. For an appointment with a General Practitioner, you will get back around 70% of the amount you paid; reimbursement percentages vary for various medical prescriptions, more specific tests or hospitalisation.

When you decide to leave Belgium, you have to inform the mutual insurance organisation.

More  about  the  Belgian  Health  Insurance:

List of the Belgian health mutual insurance :


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