Opening a bank account

How and where. What includes the package.

If your income (grant or salary) is paid by a Belgian sponsor you have to open a bank account in

Belgium. It is more convenient to pay in all stores, supermarket. There are special conditions (free) for young people (less than 28 or PhD students). Get more detail in the branchs.

Usually, a package includes a current bank account, a saving account and the Internet banking. You will receive a bank card. To apply for a credit card, you have to ask to the bank: they could ask you further documents.

There are many banks where you can open a bank account in Namur. Two banks near the university which are frequently used by visiting scholars are:



Required documents to open bank account:
  • Town Hall’s registration certificate;
  • work or grant contract (to show how much you earn a month);
  • identity  card or passport.

For security reasons and in order to update their data concerning you, when you are in possession of your permit of residence, it is recommended to present it to your bank.

When you decide to leave Belgium, you have to return your bank card to the bank and close your bank account.


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