List of courses taught in English in 2017/18

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ECO = Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration
ART =  Faculty of Arts
SCI  =  Faculty of Sciences
MED = Faculty of Medicine
Q1 = Fall Semester
Q2 = Spring Semester

Code: If three digiti number in code is preceeded by "M" as in ECONM654 it is a masters-level code; if it is preceeded by "B" as in EPOLB213 it is a bachelor-level course.
SemesterCodeCourse Title and SyllabusFacultyECTS Credits
Q2 ECONM654 Advanced Monetary Economics ECO
Q1 ECONM826 Applied Econometrics ECO 5
Q2 EDASM101 Business Intelligence ECO 5
Q1 ELOIM424 Business Process Management ECO 5
Q1 ELMCM400 Gestion du changement (in French) ECO 5
Q2 EPOLB366 Comparative Politics ECO 6
Q1 EDEVM301 Concepts & Methods ECO 5
Q2 ECONM831 Corporate finance & financial intermediation ECO 5
Q2 ELMSM418 Customer Relationship Management ECO 5
Q2 ELOIM422 Data Mining ECO 5
Q2 ELOIM423 Decision Analysis ECO 5
Q1 EDEVM331 Development & Institutions ECO 5
Q2 EDEVM132 Economic Growth & International Development ECO 5
Q2 EDEVM322 Economic Integration & Trade ECO 5
Q1 ECONM833 Empirical Finance ECO 5
Q2 EDEVM334 Evaluation of Public Interventions ECO 5
Q2 ECONM823 Globalisation and macroeconomic policies ECO 5
Q1 EPOLB213 History & theories of European integration ECO 3
Q2 EINGM200 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability ECO 5
Q2 ELOIM425 Intelligent Decision Support System ECO 5
Q2 ELFIM403 International Finance ECO 5
Q2 EDEVM321 International Trade ECO 5
Q2 EDEVM312 Macroeconomics stabilisation & structural adjustment : monetary & financial aspects ECO 5
Q2 ELMSM412 Digital Marketing & Communication ECO 5
Q1 ELMAM410 New Product Development and Launch ECO 5
Q2 EINGB333 Operations Management and Business Logistics ECO 3
Q2 ECONM905 Personnel Economics ECO 5
Q2 ECONM904 Political economics : Explaining Public Policies ECO 5
Q2 ECONM665 Political Economy and Macroinstitutions in Developing Economies ECO 5
Q1 ECONM821 Population, environment & governance ECO 5
Q1 ECONM825 Poverty and livelihood strategies ECO 5
Q1 ECONM864 Regulation : theory and practice ECO 5
Q2 ELMSM411 Retail Management & E-commerce ECO 5
Q1 ECGEB362 Risk, decision and strategy ECO 3
Q2 ECONM820 Seminar in contemporary economic issues  ECO 5
Q1 ELMSM414 Services Operations Management ECO 5
Q2 ELMSM416 Service Design and Innovation
Q2 ELOIM420 Supply Chain Management ECO 5
Q2 ECONM865 Trade policy and international cooperation ECO 5
Q2 EIMIB312 Web-Engineering ECO 5
Q2 EGESB332 Operations Management ECO 3
Q2 ECON2331 Economics of finance and risk management ECO 5
Q1 ELMSM407 Methods for Service & Marketing research  ECO 5
Q2 ELMSM408 Consumer behavior and experience ECO 5
Q2 ELFIM404 Advanced Corporate Finance ECO 5
Q2 ELOIM427 Quantitative Models in Operations Management ECO 5
Q2 ELOIM426 Pricing and Revenue Management ECO 5
Q1 ELFIM401 Financial Markets & Institutions ECO 5
Q2 ELFIM402 Derivatives
Q1 ELMSM414 Managing the Servicescape - Introducing to the World of Services ECO 5
Q2 ELMAM413 Services Marketing & Strategy
Q2 ECONM907 Institutional Foundations of Markets ECO 5
Q1 ECONM822 Development & institutions : economic approaches ECO 5
Q2 EMSGM103 Strategic Management ECO 5
Q2 EDEVM130 Seminar in Development and Institutions ECO 4
Q1 EDEVM310 Seminar in Macroeconomics & Trade Policies ECO 4
Q2 SBIOM121 Biogenesis and dysfunction of organites SCI 3
Q1 SBIOM124 Relations host-pathogen SCI 3
Q1 SBIOM128 Integrated Biology of metabolite diseases SCI 3
Q1 SBIOM129 Genetic dynamic : question of survival SCI 3
Q1 SBIOM132 Bacterial genetics SCI 3
Q1 SBIOM133 Glycobiology SCI 3
Q1 SBIOM134 Protein structure and function SCI 3
Q2 SBIOM136 Cellular and molecular biology of bacteria SCI 3
Q1 SBIOM201 Parasitology SCI 2
Q2 SBIOM106 Research Project in Biology SCI 16
Q1 SMEDM210 Pharmacogénétique MED 2
Q1 MSBMM212 Introduction to patient-reported outcomes MED 2
Q1 MSBMM211 Medication adherence and ppatient empowerment MED 2
Q1 MSBMM101 Phamarcotherapy MED 6
Q1 MSBMM102 Preclinical Drug Development MED 6
Q1 MSBMM103 Clinical Trials MED 6
Q1 MSBMM104 Statistics Applied to Preclinical and Clinical Studies MED 4
Q1 MSBMM105 Laboratory research training MED 3
Q2 MSBMM106 Biopharmaceuticals MED 2
Q1 MSBMM107 Biotechnology : principles and scale-up MED 4
Q2 MSBMM108 Quality Assurance : GMP, GCP, GLP And Regulatory Aspects MED 5
Q1 MSBMM109 Negociation, Communication, networking MED 2
Q2 MSBMM110 Innovation in biomedical engineering MED 2
Q2 MSBMM111 Pharmaco-Economy And Health Technology Assessment MED 2
Q2 MSBMM112 Pharmacovigilance MED 2
Q1 MSBMM113 Bioethics MED 2
Q1 & Q2 MSBMM114 Introduction to Scientific Research MED 10
Q1 MSBMM203 Biomarkers, Biobanks, Personalized Medicine MED 4
Q1 MSBMM204 Drug and Society MED 2
Q1 MSBMM205 Vaccinology , immunotherapy MED 2
Q1 MSBMM207 Project management : Development of Biomarkers MED 3
Q1 MSBMM200 Clinical Study Management MED 5
Q1 MSBMM201 Clinical Research Associate Training MED 3
Q1 MSBMM202 Clinical Project Management MED 3
Q1 MSBMM208 Master Thesis MED 20
Q2 MSBMM209 Professional Internship MED 19
Q1 LANGB003 Histoire des littératures et des civilisations anglophones I ART 5
Q1-Q2 LANGB101 Linguistique anglaise ART 7
Q1-Q2 LANGB102 Maîtrise de la langue anglaise ART 6
Q2 LANGB104 Analyse de textes littéraires anglophones I ART 7
Q1-Q2 LANGB002 Initiation à la langue anglaise ART 6
Q1 LANGB004 Histoire des littératures et des civilisations anglophones II ART 7
Q1-Q2 LANGB005 Théorie Littéraire ART 5
Q1-Q2 LANGB201 Langue et linguistique anglaises ART 9
Q2 LANGB207 Linguistique générale à partir de l'anglais ART 5
Q2 LANGB301 Langue et linguistique anglaises : questions approfondies ART 7
Q1 LANGB304 Langage et société ART 5
Q2 LANGB307 Analyse de textes littéraires anglophones II ART 7
Q1-Q2 LELVB001 Anglais 2 ART 4