Master in Management & Business engineering

Master in Management & Business engineering

W h a t   y o u   w a n t


  • To acquire the rigorous critical mindset that results from a quality university training;
  • To acquire the knowledge, methods and tools of the different disciplines of management (finance, marketing, human resources, strategy, organisation, operations management, management information technology, commercial law);
  • To develop the skills needed to run a company department or create your own business:
    •  creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit,
    •  a command of languages and openness to the world,
    •  intellectual rigour, honesty and responsibility,
    •  leadership, autonomy and team spirit.



T h e   p r o g r a m m e

  • Offers you a very wide choice of options: market finance, operational marketing, services management, information management, management and law, management and consultancy, accounting and auditing, and business engineering.
  • Includes a long internship at a Belgian or foreign company or organisation, to give you a taste of the realities of business and prepare you for your future roles.
  • Complemented with a stay abroad (under the Erasmus or another scheme), in locations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, Budapest, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Tampere, Rome, but also the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Brazil, India and others.
  • Culminates in a dissertation in which you use the knowledge and skills you have learned in a project or business venture or through more reflection of a more academic nature.


For all :

  • Services management (unique in Belgium): developing skills relating to marketing, operations, computer science, technologies, law or human resources.
  • Finance: managing loans, modelling bankruptcy risks, investment strategies, learning how stock markets and financial markets work.
  • Marketing: understanding your clients and gaining new clients, developing effective products or services, standing out in a competitive, communicative and technological environment.

For students in Management :

  • Management and law: understanding the corporate legal environment and the market in order to acquire skills on the boundaries between management and law.
  • Management and consultancy: learning how to analyse and solve problems, intervening in companies (developing a genuine consultancy project).
  • Accounting and audit: learning more about the various aspects of financial reporting, and particularly about information to third parties: investors, lenders, the authorities, etc.

For business engineering students:

  • Information management (unique in French Community of Belgium): gaining expertise in information technologies and management, learning to integrate the new implications of IT in business strategy. Possibility of a joint degree with KUL.
  • Business engineering: developing a set of knowledge and management tools rooted in engineering. Such knowledge and tools form the basis for dynamic business management, from the creation of a business to its development: innovation strategy, entrepreneurship, quality management and supply chain management.


Other options may be taken at Louvain School of Management (Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons), our close partner. They include environmental management, human resources and organisation and accounting, etc.


The management sciences programme is also offered as a teaching masters.



The University of Namur has entered into numerous agreements with universities all over the world to enable students to attend a term or an entire year at these universities. Some of these agreements lead to the award of a double degree. For example, the information management specialisation in the business engineering masters has entered into an agreement with KU Leuven, the only other Belgian university to offer this kind of programme (Handelsingenieur in de beleidsinformatica).