Our research focuses on specific topics in which we can excel, check this website if you want to know more about financial market fluctuations, development economics, economic policy, information management, marketing of services, conflict management in politics, web-identity of firms and individuals.

Our study programs at the bachelor, master and doctoral level prepare responsible decision-makers in economics, business, politics or communication, building their strength on three pillars : critical analysis, quantitative skills, and international exposure. 

Philosophy and social sciences, mathematics, statistics and computer sciences, and most of all a possibility to study a semester abroad in the 3d year of the bachelor programs, and to spend up to a year in internships and foreign universities in the master programs all illustrate the specificity of our approach.

Our master programs in Economics or in Management offer specialization possibilities in our fields of excellence in research.

Our professors, researchers and alumni share easily their experience with students, and these personal interactions contribute to the distinctive atmosphere of learning recognized to our faculty.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration