CRED_teamThe Centre of Research in the Economics of Development (CRED) is a center for research devoted to studying problems of economic development, particularly issues of micro-institutions, collective action, market development, and political economics. Most of the research carried out in CRED is based on first-hand data collected by members in various countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Works of both theoretical and empirical nature are regularly produced by a staff of six permanent academic members and between 10to 15 PhD students and post-doc researchers.

The main themes of research around which works of the CRED articulate are the following:

  1. Social Capital and enforcment of Informal Contracts
  2. Aid, Governance, and Participatory Development
  3. Power, Conflicts and Agrarian Relations
  4. Institutions, Social Norms and Development
  5. Property Rights and Land Markets